I have a certain perspective regarding the nature of happiness…

I have a certain perspective regarding the nature of happiness and suffering. That perspective is that one can come to see it and therefore uproot the conditions that lead to suffering. But I’m also acutely aware that someone will only be able to see it when it’s due for them.

It’s a strange and frustrating fact that someone can perpetually miss the nose on their face, even when it’s being directly and repeatedly pointed to. It gets weird. But that’s the way of things. The universe is not so straightforwardly causal as we’d like to believe. And humans are particularly complicated and unpredictable.

So I have to walk this middle way between these two truths. As Wayne Liquorman might say, “take a look; if you can.

It’s like this: you don’t have freewill, but if you think you do, then use it to self-liberate.


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